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3 false beliefs contributing to poor digestion

​Today we're talking about gut health and digestion. It's a pretty broad category that includes gas, bloating, constipation, colitis, Chron's disease, and even bad breath. First I've got five things that you can do to improve your digestion.

But more importantly, we want to get to root causes of your gut and digestion troubles. For that, I also have three false beliefs that are contributing to the difficulties you're having with your digestion. ​

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belly weight loss

Why you’re not losing weight

Do you feel like you have tried everything that you can to lose your weight, and nothing is working for you? This is such a common thing that I see people struggling with. ​There are many reasons why you're not losing weight. It may have to do with physical things, so I have ​5 things that you can do differently ​to lose weight. But we're also going to get into the underlying emotional issues that might be behind your difficulty in releasing that weight.

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healthy food

Which diet should I follow?

​it can be extremely difficult to know what is best when it comes to your diet. The information that you hear changes ​often! Something that is touted as being bad for you will eventually become something that is good for you. It can be confusing to know which diet you should follow or which diet is best for you. Want help deciding which diet is best? Today I want to talk to you about the two secrets that all the food fanatics don't want you to know. And yet the one thing that they also have in common!

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trauma healing through movement

Move your body to heal from trauma

​​I'm not a huge fan of exercise for the sake of exercise. I'd much rather get my exercise by getting outdoors and enjoying time in nature. When I move my body, I like to enjoy the process. One of the best benefits of moving your body is that it's a great way to heal from trauma. It's also a perfect way to release trapped emotions and other energies that are stuck. Today I've got a simple exercise you can do that's aimed at healing from trauma, and doesn't require a heart rate monitor!

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A simple exercise to start healing from trauma

​I'd like to share with you a simple exercise that you can use to start ​healing from any trauma you've experienced. Getting any necessary professional help is always important, especially if you've just recently experienced trauma. But ultimately, it's ideal to learn what we can for ourselves to find healing. You have the power and the ability within, it just requires a bit of time and patience.

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How trauma can lead to chronic illness

​If you've got chronic disease as an adult, it may be from trauma you experienced as a child. Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are especially linked to traumatic events in childhood. That means that if you suffer from things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, or rheumatoid arthritis, you may find additional healing by addressing past traumatic events.

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neck pain, stiff neck

How to get rid of neck pain

​Having a stiff neck, or a painful neck, is pretty common. You get a bad night's sleep, and have troubles turning your head for a few days. Or maybe you sit at a computer a lot have have bad posture. These things can definitely contribute to your neck pain. In addition to those physical issues, there are a few specific underlying emotional patterns that can give you a stiff neck, too.

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knees knee pain

How to get rid of your knee pain

​Do you have a hard time going up or down stairs? Would you be more active if it weren't for that ole' bum knee that keeps acting up? The knee is commonly injured in sports, and perhaps you're familiar with ACL tears. Well, today we're taking a different approach to knee injuries and knee pain. We're going to dive into the underlying emotional factors that contribute to knee pain.

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Hear what your body is saying to you

Your body has an incredible amount of wisdom and intuitive knowledge stored up within it. Learning how to access this information and listen to what your body is saying is incredibly helpful. All of those aches and pains, chronic diseases, and imbalances are all messages for you. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to find out what that message actually is!

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PMS natural healing

Natural healing for PMS

​Are you looking for natural healing for PMS? It is most definitely possible to find solutions other than taking over the counter medications and binging on chocolate. And even better, it's also possible to get rid of your PMS once and for all! PMS is not normal. It seems like it is, because I bet almost every woman you've ever met has symptoms. But just because almost all women have PMS doesn't mean that it needs to be that way!

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