What is energy healing?


Everything in the universe is made of energy. Energy that is moving, flowing, and vibrating at different frequencies. You may have experienced your energy through acupuncture, which releases blocks to energy channels within the body so your energy can flow to your organs, or through reiki, where hands a few inches above the body guide and direct the flow of energy, or in tai chi, chi gong, or yoga. You can feel this energy as warmth or tingling.

What is The Body Code? What is the Emotion Code? How do they work?


Our emotions are also energies and each emotion has its own frequency. When you feel sad, which is a low frequency, you may feel heavy and lethargic. When you feel happy, which is a higher frequency, you may feel light and vibrant. At some point in our lives, we have all felt an intense emotional response to an experience or during an interaction with another person. As a result of these intense experiences, emotional energies can become trapped in our bodies. Energies need to flow for us to experience health and joy. When energies become trapped, they block the flow of other energies, and eventually this leads to dis-ease on all levels, spiritual, mental, and physical.

We aren’t consciously aware of all of these experiences or emotions that have become trapped. Often, we can’t figure out why we feel the way we do. But our subconscious mind is brilliant! It has a record of every detail from every experience you have had. Your subconscious knows exactly what energy is trapped, why it is trapped, and when it became trapped.

Can The Body Code help me?


These trapped emotions can contribute to anxiety disorders, allergies, migraines, all chronic illnesses, physical pain, and also relationship challenges and financial difficulties. Trapped emotions underlie literally everything that prevents you from feeling full of energy, love and joy.