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I believe we all have a specific purpose and a special light inside of us. You are here on Earth at this time to let your light shine. To be a beacon of hope. To show others the way.

While your past has been difficult, you're a chain-breaker. You're here to create a better life. You're here to show others what's possible.

Through energy work and study of universal laws, I help my clients release their past hurts and learn to create the life they want.

Being a root cause kind of person, I teach my clients how to create what they want from the inside out. We focus on developing your most important tool - your mind - so you can use it to your advantage.

But here's the million dollar question:

How do you create the life you want for yourself when you don’t know who you actually are? And what you're capable of?

I don’t mean the pat answer of “you’re a child of God.”

Or, “you’re an infinite being with infinite power.”

Both statements are true. But they're not very helpful when you've got a traumatic past and you didn't learn how to summon your internal power to move forward in life.

I grew up in a home where my parents did their best to break generational patterns of abuse, addiction, and mental illness. While they did their best, those family dynamics left plenty of scars that cried out for healing.

I managed to be successful by worldly standards. I got a degree in Physical Therapy. Spent 23 years as a PT. I put myself through grad school and got a Ph.D. That led to a job teaching in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

Are you done with the pain?

Then, in 2012, I had two major breakthroughs that changed my path forever.

First, I decided I was done with all of the pain. I told God that I was willing to open the box and look within to all of the darkness.

But I couldn’t do it alone. He would have to go with me and guide me.

Second, I realized that the life I was living was all wrong for me. It wasn’t who I was. It was someone else's view of the world.

From that point on, I started - in earnest - my journey to learn how to heal my past and to create my future.

The first big step came when I found myself unfulfilled teaching physical therapy. I listened to the Lord when he said, "I have something more for you to do." As I prayed about that, His next piece of advice was, "Quit your job."

That advice was not at all what I expected. My job provided us our health insurance and retirement plan. But I had faith, and the support of a loving husband.

In July 2015, I resigned from the world of modern Western medicine. I got certified in energy healing (The Emotion Code and The Body Code).

Next was training by Bob Proctor for mindset. I've been growing along my new path ever since, learning day by day to trust the Lord and the process of life.

And I’m here to help you do the same.

You can create the life of your dreams!

You are different. That’s why you’ve landed here. 

You don’t want to live the way you were raised. Or the way most of society tells you to.

You want to create something great. Something amazing. You just aren’t quite sure how. Or you’re stuck somewhere.

If you’re willing to have even a little courage, I can show you the way.

You have a purpose. A mission. You’re here to do more than just survive…you're here to live intentionally, fully, alive.

Let’s make that happen.