The Emotion Code
The Body Code

​Hi! I'm Jen. I left the world of traditional Western medicine after 23 years to help people find healing at the root level. That scary, faith-filled moved led me to energy healing, and now....

I ​help women of faith come unto Christ, discover who they truly are, and what they're here to do....and then make it happen!

​​​​​There are two main aspects of living the life you want to live. The first is releasing the past, and the second is creating your future. 

We all have past experiences and traumas, false beliefs, and patterns we've inherited from our ancestors that no longer serve us. These experiences leave their mark on us energetically, and are expressed in the form of poor habits, negative self-talk, and self-destructive behavior. The traumas make it difficult to feel and express love for ourselves and others, and to connect with God and with others. Through energy work, we can identify, release, and clear these things.

I'm certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code, and also use The Spirit Code, the PEASE protocols, and lots of intuition with my's a beautiful process where we connect with Christ and let him guide the healing.

Releasing and healing the past isn't enough, though. To bring your dreams and vision to life, you have to have a new set of tools, beliefs, and the right self-image. It doesn't just magically happen.

I help my clients create the future of their dreams by facilitating a process of personal growth outlined by Bob Proctor. It's a system he's personally used for over 50 years that brings success to all who follow it. However, it's a rare person who can implement it on their own without accountability and guidance.​

I love watching my clients transform as we go through the healing and mentoring together. ​You're never alone, and always fully supported by myself and others who are working through the same things alongside you.​

​How I went from Physical Therapist to Expert Energy Worker

​Before I started working as an energy healer, my healer days involved working as a Physical Therapist, going to grad school, and lots of paperwork...

(nerd alert....)

I've been a Physical Therapist since 1995. Always curious and with a love for teaching as well as healing, I got my Ph.D. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Motor Control (Dynamical Systems Theory) and Biomechanics in 2012. I worked primarily in outpatient settings, but always loved neuro, and taught for 3 years in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

I loved teaching in a Physical Therapy program, and was also treating patients. But I felt something was lacking...

I knew I had a gift for healing, and wasn’t using that gift much. I also knew I didn’t want to return to the clinic full time.

As a physical therapist, I was helping people heal on the physical level. Yet from my own studying, and seeing patients in the clinic, it was very clear that true healing happens at a much deeper, root level. When we have physical symptoms, that's a sign that something is out of balance spiritually and emotionally.

Through prayer, the Lord blessed me and guided me to learn about The Emotion Code through a book ​a friend recommended...

I read the book, but at first, I didn’t believe it could work. But my graduate work in Dynamical Systems was all about energy, so I understood the basic premise behind it.

We are all beings of energy, and all things vibrate at specific frequencies. Anger, for example, has a particular frequency that is different from happiness. We can trap these energies and then they cause physical, mental or emotional problems for us. Most people can relate to stuffing their emotions inside and not dealing with them. This is similar.

However, our true nature is love. All of these negative energies suppress that frequency of love. When we identify these negative emotions in a session, we replace them with love. Over time, we start to feel happier and literally feel lighter as the negative energies are released.

But I didn’t believe energy healing could I decided to try it on myself.

I had chronic neck pain. Our physical pains and problems are simply expressions of imbalance within. It is the body’s way of communicating with us. I learned The Emotion Code and started with that....

And it worked! Almost immediately, I felt relief.

In a short period of time, my neck was about 90% better. The skeptic in me was now a believer.

In July 2015, I resigned from the world of modern Western medicine to pursue my dream of helping others heal on a deeper, holistic level. I loved being a Physical Therapist, but there is so much more to health and healing and I felt restricted.I  completed the training for both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I love healing and teaching and helping others to grow.​

​When I'm not working with clients, I love traveling and exploring with my amazing fellow entrepreneur husband...

​I'm also super happy creating things in the kitchen... I've spent a good 20 years studying healthy eating, nutrition, doing yoga and meditating... I want to learn all about herbs (instead of just dabbling)... and I look forward to living on lots of land in Northern Idaho with a huge garden (fenced in, of course, because, you know, deer and such).