You're meant to live a joyful, fulfilling life

Let's make that happen

Healing isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither are you.

Some of the people I've helped include:
  • physical therapists // chiropractors // energy healers // entrepreneurs
  • lawyers // teachers // grandmothers
  • and many more!

These are just a few of their results:

I have been more successful in starting my own business, have closer family relationships and see myself more clearly.

Rob H. // Chiropractor, Business Owner

This work has cleaned up my thought process. It's much calmer, brighter and happier in my brain.

Faith S. // Chiropractor, Business Owner

I've had a great first week of school...I felt none of those negative emotions we talked about.

Kara M. // School Teacher

I have felt more at ease with myself and who I am. I am more readily able to give love and receive it...

Megan D. // Energy Healer

Got rid of chronic shoulder pain in just two sessions.

Hana F. // Business Coach

I can drive my manual without knee pain!

Jen B. // Physical Therapist

I had a permanent reduction in my cholesterol...from 245 to 185. That's the lowest it's been in my entire life!

Bobbi G. // Grandmother

I didn't even realize how much I was hurting and dragging until I'm not anymore...

Lenina T. // Attorney

...I saw a noticeable and enduring improvement in my memory...

Krystal B. // Mother & Engineer

I'm finally able to pay myself a regular a rate that's more than I pay my assistant!

Barb P. // Physical Therapist, Business Owner

I feel more self-confident and eager to do my tasks each day. I also look forward to living each day more.

Carolyn M. // Grandmother, Writer

For the first time in my life I sang solo on stage. I wouldn't have had the courage before...I felt so safe and comfortable in your presence...

Joseph M. // Support Worker for Adults with Disabilities

Able to get through my boards and had no trouble staying focused....only took two sessions.

Jake G. // Chiropractor

Where do we meet?
All sessions are online. We will use Zoom for a video call. If you'd prefer a phone call instead, we can do that.


This is the place to start. In order to receive love, have fulfilling relationships, and communicate with the Spirit, you need an open, soft, and willing heart.

Everyone has at least one Heart Wall. These Heart Walls keep us feeling safe, so we don't get hurt. But, they also keep us from feeling love and connection with others.

In this session, you will learn what your Heart Wall looks and feels like, and how thick it is. Then, we will release the trapped emotions that are making up your wall.

After this session, you'll feel lighter & happier. You'll find it easier to feel love, and will feel safer being vulnerable with others.  (Most healers take 3+ sessions for this, but we'll get it done in just one!)


Sometimes there's so much heaviness that moving forward is hard.

And, no matter how much healing you've done, we all get stuck and need outside help sometimes.

Give yourself a one-on-one session for physical, mental, or emotional challenges you're facing. 

If you need a little kick-start to get through something, one visit can be very helpful. However, if you've got something more in-depth or long-standing, you'll likely need multiple sessions.


Your ancestor may have passed on from this world, but they're most definitely not gone.

Maybe there's someone you know you want to talk with....and sometimes, there's someone who wants to talk with you!

In connecting with an ancestor, you can find forgiveness and healing. Get guidance and direction. Meet with a guide who can help you day to day.


Are you ready to step into your full power and create the life of your dreams?

If your desire is for financial freedom...
More time with family or for travel... 
Or to simply know that you CAN create anything you want.

This is 6-months of in-depth group and individual coaching & energy healing to make it all happen! Get equipped with tools you'll use throughout your life to keep creating more and better!