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I'm not actually a fan of poetry. I don't own any poetry books, and it's not a style I enjoy reading.

And yet, I write poems. But I am not the one who actually writes these. Let me explain...

There are many ways that the Spirit speaks to us, and many ways we can receive revelation. There is a simple law that governs what we can receive, though. I call it the Law of Agency.

God will never give us something by force. He respects and honors our choices.

Most importantly, He will communicate with us in a way that we believe is possible for us to receive and to experience.

I believe that God wants to communicate with everyone. I believe that He and I can have a conversation, just like two people sitting together to enjoy a nice cup of tea can talk to one another. Therefore, I receive revelation in the form of conversations and poems.

This style of revelation began back in 2020. I would be doing some healing work, meditating, or praying, and the words would just start to flow.

Sometimes I'm instructed to go write in the middle of the night. Other times, I'll be doing some mundane activity at home and will start to hear a poem coming.

If I don't write these poems down right away, they're gone. I won't remember them for later. 

These poems generally fit into two major categories. 

One is revelation about the nature of God, our relationship to Him, and things that are or will happen in this world.

The second is personal revelation for myself or another. I can only receive this revelation for another if they consent, or specifically request it. It's never my place to receive something for someone I don't know, or for someone who hasn't asked.

Each post includes context and a story for when the poem was received and what we can learn from it.

If you just want to read the poems, I've uploaded them to a separate page here, as image files.

I hope you find hope, guidance, and inspiration as you read these poems and posts.