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listening to the Spirit

Listening to the Spirit 101

Learning to listen to the Spirit is critical if you want guidance in your life. And who doesn't want help figuring things out?? The Spirit will give you direction that is personal and tailored exactly for you and your life. Instead of looking to others for answers, learn to listen to the Spirit.

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Pride comes before the fall

Why do great societies fall? Many studies list the disintegration of the family, sexual immorality, entitlement, and other issues. At the root of all changes that lead to the downfall, however, is one character trait: pride.

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do you believe

Do you believe?

Lack of belief is a major stumbling block to achievement. If you don't believe you can do something, you won't even try. When you have belief, you have faith that something can be accomplished. When you believe, you can see the results before they happen.

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be tenacious and hold on

How to be tenacious

We live in a world where we are constantly enticed into finding the easy way. However, the easy way is most often fatal to reaching your dreams.....instead, you need to be tenacious. A common lawn weed holds a great lesson for us all in how to be tenacious.

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fill your own lamp

Fill your own lamp

How often do you look to others when you have a decision to make? I see this happening all too often today, especially with the prevelance of social media. Looking to others to solve our problems deprives us of the ability to learn and grow and become spiritually self-reliant.

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get rid of your heart wall

Your Heart Wall is holding you back

​A Heart Wall is a wall of trapped emotions that surrounds the heart. We all have one, and some people have many. The Heart Wall makes it difficult to feel love, and keeps us feeling distant from others. Learn why you have one, and how to get rid of it!

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