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Trauma is when we experience an event with a strong emotional component, but we don't fully process that event. The emotions stay in our bodies, causing ongoing issues.

We all experience trauma during our lives. Some trauma is minor, and some is pretty major.

And did you know that you can feel like trauma is yours, even though you didn't experience it yourself?

Trauma that your parents, grandparents, or even ancestors further back in your family tree went through can all be passed down to you. You inherit genes for your hair color and personality traits, right? In the same way, you can inherit emotional experiences and memories.

There are many ways to heal from trauma. The basic idea is to express the emotions that are still present.

Take some time to go through these articles and try out some of the ideas. I believe in empowering you to heal yourself as much as possible. There are many resources you can use on your own for healing.

Remember that healing is an ongoing process of personal growth. Yes, big breakthroughs do happen. But most often, it's a daily process of choosing to let go of the things that hurt you and embrace joy and love.

If you're stuck and you'd like some help processing or releasing something, we can do that together. It's easy! All sessions are done via video or phone call, from the privacy of your own home.