Metatron is weary: discerning between light and dark spirits 

 September 12, 2022

How do you know if you can trust someone? If you have encounters with the unseen world, you know that discerning between light and dark spirits is just as important as discerning between a light and dark physical human being. What you see isn't always what is.


When I first started energy work and seeing spirits, I took the spirits who appeared to me at face value. I thought the spirit world was pretty cut and dry. That light and dark were easily separated. I took this belief from what I understood from my faith teachings. There's God and then there's Satan....God is good, Satan is evil. Simple. Easy.

But the real world isn't so simple and easy. How do you know you can trust someone? Do you go by their appearance? By what they say? By what they do? By what you feel from them? 

I think of it kind of like a science experiment. As humans, we're constantly collecting information. We collect, process, and store data all day long. Most of it happens unconsciously.

This data is used to form a schema - a mental representation of that data. It helps us categorize new data and make sense of our world.

When you see someone, for example, you put them into a group of similar images. If you then talk with them, that might move them into a different group, or keep them in the first one. As you get to know them more and more, the group they're in becomes more and more refined.

For example, let's say you stop to get gas. You look up and notice someone walking out of the store. It's a white teenage male dressed in black with ripped jeans. His sleeveless shirt reveals muscular, tattooed arms. He steps to the side of the door, reaches into a pocket, and lights up a cigarette.

Instantly, your brain has categorized him. Depending on your world view and past experiences, you've likely put him into one of four categories:
safe, no threat,
unsafe, threat,
undecided, but wary,
or undecided, but interested.

As you keep watching, you notice someone else start to exit the store. It's an older man who's moving slowly with a cane.

As he struggles to open the door, you notice this teenager moves to open the door for him. He gives the man a friendly smile as he does so.

Has your impression of this young man changed? It likely has, because you now have more information - more data - on him.

It's the same with spirits. I see them and feel them. Then, based on conversations with them, the group (or schema) they're assigned to gets refined over time.

Metatron is a spirit I've had a lot of interaction with, but primarily at a distance and not directly. Most, if not all, of what you'll read about him online tells you he fits into the "safe, no threat" schema. 

My experiences with him don't match this. Usually, he's a big, powerful, "bad guy." He's definitely not a spirit I'd seek after for help or guidance and more light in my life.

This was my encounter with him today. It's a pretty typical experience for me with the spirit world. Spirits often show up, unannounced, in search of something from me. I have to discern what they want and if I'm going to get involved or stay clear.

Metatron Pays A Visit

She sat at her desk and finished her prayer before reading Isaiah. She hadn't even raised her head when she sensed a large presence. He came and stood in front of her, on the other side of the desk. He felt imposing, heavy.

Quietly, another presence appeared behind him to the left. She appeared slowly, gently.

As Jen looked up, she saw this first spirit. He was large, adorned as a warrior. Carrying a shield, even.

"Hello. Who are you?" she asked.


"Metatron?!" She was impressed, and quite surprised. Why would Metatron visit her? Sure, she'd had a lot of interactions with him before. Done a lot of healing from things he'd been involved in. But never personally engaged with him like this.

He sat on a chair that wasn't there and set his shield down. She looked up at his face and was surprised by what she saw. Weary. Old. Grey hair.

"Why have you come to me?" she asked, curious.

"I'm tired. I've been fighting and ruling for a long time, but I don't want to anymore," he answered.

Jen was confused. "You're a god! A pretty big one, too. How could I possibly help?"

At that time, she felt another spirit join them. A hand rested on her left shoulder, male. As it did so, Metatron vanished. The woman who had been silently behind him came to stand at the desk. She glared at the man over Jen's shoulder, then left as well.

Quietly, another female came to Jen's side. It brought tears to Jen because of the tenderness she felt from her.

The couple came around and stood at the front of the desk. He was also dressed as a warrior, she in a simple floor length gown. Just as Metatron and his wife had been dressed.

The woman spoke. "You father gets protective sometimes."

My father?? Jen thought. This certainty wasn't Heavenly Father.

Jen started to ponder the possibilities of this statement, knowing there were many. But the woman continued speaking.

"You have a gift," the woman continued. "A very special one. Not many people can see us like you can. And talk with us the way you can."

Yes, Jen knew that just by having a physical body, she had power that these spirits did not. If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't come to her for help.

As she spoke, Jen caught a very quick flash.....so quick it was almost imperceptible. For a second, she even questioned if she had seen it.

The flash was a change in the woman's face. Instead of being kind, it was hideous. Angry. Dark.

It was difficult to believe, because of the softness she felt coming from the woman. Which was the Truth, what she felt, or what she saw?

Jen had experienced this before. A spirit would appear and seem and even feel very good. But at some point during their interaction, their true nature would come to the surface. It was always a quick, almost imperceptible flash. But the contrast was clear. The kind, goodly face turned into a dark, mean, angry face. It disappeared as quickly as it came.

Jen pulled her attention away from these spirits, and they faded from view. They were here for themselves, not for her.

As she sat pondering, she thought about how the Lord had been teaching her how important it was to learn to discern the nature and intent of those who appeared to her.

She also noted that Metatron had disappeared when the other, seemingly good male warrior appeared.

Dark spirits don't run away from the light - they run away from other dark spirits that have more power than they do. Now she had more to add to her arsenal for discerning between light and dark spirits.

(Image credit: Sabine Zierer from Pixabay)

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Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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