Spirit Stories: Are you missing your true mission in life? 

 June 10, 2023

Disciples of Christ all have missions in life. Do you know yours? What happens if you don't live it? Today, I talk with Peter, who forgot about Jesus while he was here on Earth. 


Deception and attack in the spirit realm

I'm up again before dawn to meet with a spirit and share their story. The spirit world I see this morning seems to be in some commotion. Theodore comes, but even he is frazzled, in an unusual way.

Kathryn returns from two days ago. We talk a little, and I come to understand how important it is that I share these stories. These spirits who talk with me want to bring others to Christ, to help them learn of Him. She asks me what my world is like.

As I'm talking about class divisions and money, and how we overcome the divisions and all prosper only when we all follow Christ, she changes into a dark spirit and attacks me. I deflect and she's on the ground. She's skinny, on all fours, looking more like a dog than a human, yes still a human shape. I call for my warriors to come. This dark spirit threatens me - tells me that they will destroy me.

Theodore comes, this time the real one. I can tell now it's him, this is his personality now. He gives me a way to know the true him from a counterfeit. 

I wasn't going to share this, but realize it's important to share these experiences, too. So people know that evil is real, and that it wants to oppose goodness and light.

I am living my true mission in life, and there are many times I have encountered evil in the spirit world trying to dissuade me from doing my work. I also encounter that resistance here on earth, in the form of fear, insecurity, doubt, and inaction. When we seek to do God's will, when we seek after light, we will all encounter resistance. It is natural. Remember that you always have help, you just need to ask for it.

Peter forgot his true mission in life

Theodore comes to my sight again as a man rushes up to meet me. He's out of breath and in a hurry.

"I want to tell my story!" he says. His name is Peter. He's wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt. I've learned that people appear dressed according to the time period in which they lived, in the clothing they would have normally worn here on earth. I wonder if its what they were wearing when they died.

Peter was an adventurer. He liked to take risks. He didn't understand the importance of his body. He just wanted the thrill. He'd been in many accidents - hiking, mountain climbing, 4-wheeling. Those types of activities.  

"Nature is a bitch," he says.

"Well, her laws are exact," I say in return. He doesn't appreciate that comment.

Peter continues:

"One day, I was out mountain biking with my friends. I wasn't new to the sport, of course. And I didn't even die mountain biking, actually....I had a heart attack. Of all things! 

When I arrived here, it was like I was waking up from sleep. It was quite pleasant." (I see 3 or 4 spirits in white who greet Peter in the spirit world.)

"I was met by some of my acquaintances, but they looked funny. They were wearing white robes and they had a glow about them. It felt really peaceful. I hadn't thought much about heaven, but this felt really good. They had to tell me what happened and how I ended up here.

When I looked around, I was surrounded by these people in white. They were everywhere. It kind of freaked me out. It was almost too much light. My friends noticed this and we went somewhere else to talk. I felt more calm.

As we talked, I became aware of another presence that started to appear behind me. It was bigger and brighter than my friends were. Also more colorful, and it sang. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Or felt. I couldn't help myself, and I started to cry.

A hand rested on my shoulder, and I turned. Immediately I knew it was Jesus. I fell into his arms and cried like a child. I remembered who he was now! And I felt shame because I had forgotten about him in my life.

A memory came to mind....I was a little child, probably 3 or 4, at my grandma's house. She was always so good to me. She was showing me a picture of Christ and telling me about him. For some reason, those experiences didn't continue, and I didn't learn of Christ.

But now, everything came flooding back. I remembered who I was before I was born. I remembered what I was given to do on the earth. I saw how Satan had obscured those memories by enticing me with all of the activities I loved so much. They drowned out my feelings so that I couldn't perceive my heart talking to me, the spirit trying to cut through the noise and remind me. I felt so much sorrow and I just cried and cried.

Finally I stopped crying. Jesus was still holding me. I looked at him and told him I was sorry and asked if He would forgive me. The look He gave me was the most tender look."

The vision and story fades from me, and I hear, "The rest is not for you to see."

Remember who you are

Christ is real. He loves us. Each of us. He knows who you are. You matter to Him. You matter HERE, on this earth, right now, today. Don't wait. Seek after Him. Find the peace that Peter experienced in the spirit world. You can have that peace today. He loves you and wants you to come unto Him.

You have a work to do while you're here on this earth. It's not a coincidence that you are here, at this time. The more we can distance ourselves from the noise and enticing entertainment of the world, the easier it becomes to hear the whisperings of the Spirit. Our hearts need to be soft and open and able to receive.

If you're having a hard time receiving because of deep hurts or past traumas, I highly recommend an Open Your Heart session. It will clear away the emotional wall you've put up to protect yourself from being hurt, and soften your heart to receive and hear the Holy Ghost.

I know that as you continue to seek to be humble, to soften your heart, and to seek after God, you will be able to discover and carry out the work given to you to do.

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About the author

Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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