The winds of change are coming to earth 

 May 24, 2023

The winds of change are coming to earth is one way to refer to the changes humanity will undergo leading up to the Second Coming of Christ. There are already a lot of things happening, but we don't need to fear. Instead, let's focus on the help we have and the way to navigate the days ahead.


Help for the coming days

I was praying before doing some energy work and, as is often the case, was told to write.

"Yes, Lord. What is it that you would have me write about today?" I asked.

God replied, "Your ancestors wish to be heard. Men of old with tales to tell. Are you ready?"

I am ready. I sat at my computer to write, and received.

For such a short poem, this expresses what is written in the scriptures about the upcoming renewal of the earth in a clear and succinct way. Details aren't necessary. All we need to know is contained here.

Winds to Sing

Get up and sing and dance and play!

The Tuathans are here to rule the day.

No more sitting under the earth,

It is time for our rebirth.

Rejoice, oh men, on earth above,

We bring our language and our love.

Come by the fire and hear our tales,

Stories of old that bring the gales.

Winds are coming to clean the earth,

And prepare her for her rebirth.

Dust will blow and battles rage,

Fury released will join the stage.

Join in wonder, join in awe,

See the Father over all.

He will reign and He will rule,

His throne is filled with precarious fuel.

No more sit and stare and wait!

Run and come to the pearly gates,

Where Christ will open the doors for all,

Who choose on bended knee to fall.

Haughty men and those filled with pride,

Beware! For no more will your chariots ride.

You’ll be cast down into the fire,

The winds will take thee to the mire.

Humble men, rise up, give thanks!

Let your prayers and hymns be great.

Bring forth happiness, joy and mirth,

Create anew the celestial Earth.

The world is in a state of transition. If you're at all aware, you can see the changes all around. Our world is getting darker, and it would seem that the powers of evil are winning.

And yet, we know that darkness will not win. It will come, and it must come, for a short season. 

Is it to be feared? Only for those who are unprepared and without faith.

After the darkness, the light. The light always comes. This time, it will come and stay.

Notice the overall message in this poem. Is it one of gloom and doom? NO. It's one of joy and singing!

A people who live in the earth?

The Tuathans are an ancient people who conquered and ruled Ireland from 1897 B.C. - 1700 B.C. 

"On their arrival to Ireland from the Northern Isles, Tuatha Dé Dannan blocked out daylight for three days and nights with their ships. Then they burned their ships so that there could be no thought of retreat. This sent up a great cloud of dark smoke..."  (source)

The Tuatha are of the Goddess Danu, or perhaps were originally known as Tuatha De, or the people of God.

Eventually, they succumbed to another peoples, the Milesians, and retreated underground.

The concept of disappearing tribes is also seen in the Bible. Of the 12 tribes of Israel, the 10 Northern tribes were first scattered and lost in 721 B.C. when the Assyrians conquered the Jewish people. It took a bit more time, but by 1000 A.D., these tribes were completely gone, as far as our (currently known) historical records.

"To this day, Israel (or the Northern Kingdom) is referred to as the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel because after the Assyrian captivity, those 10 tribes completely intermixed with other nations and ceased to exist as a nation.."  (source)

However, one prominent feature of the change and renewal of the earth is the gathering of the lost tribes. All who were scattered, and all who are lost, are being gathered in. This includes the living, the dead, and even those from other places in the universe

All must have the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ.

It would seem that the stories of the Tuathans might be another, more ancient, peoples who are still here, waiting for their time to return.

Face the winds of change with humility

As so often is the case, the trait of humility will serve us well as times progress to more and more darkness. Yes, upheavals will come. Yes, there will be more darkness,  and more chaos on the earth. But with an understanding of what is happening, we can view these things with joy instead of fear.

When we have faith, and when we are humble, we choose to come unto Christ. No one can be forced to choose Christ. But when we choose to follow Him, He will guide us to navigate whatever craziness might be going on around us. And there are always, always, many in the spirit world who help the faithful.

I know that as we choose faith, and choose Christ, we can feel peace amidst whatever is happening in the world around us.

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

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Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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