What does it mean to be one? 

 May 5, 2023

What does it mean to be one? How can we be one with God and Jesus? Let's sort out how we can be one with each other and what exactly that means.


Being one

I read this scripture in my studies and wanted to know what it means to be "one."

"I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was crucified for the sins of the world, even as many as will believe on my name, that they may become the sons of God, even one in me as I am one in the Father, as the Father is one in me, that we may be one."  (D&C 35:2)

This verse tells us that through believing in Jesus Christ, we become one in him as he is one in the Father. And that the Father is one in Christ. Therefore, we are all to become one - each of us, with Jesus and with the Father.

What does it mean to be one?

Being one isn't something that is meant to be taken literally. The scriptures teach, for example, that when a man and a woman are married, "they shall become one flesh" (Gen 2:24). We don't literally merge with our spouse, of course. We become one as we become unified. This requires a great deal of humility and letting go of our ideas in favor of God's truths and teachings.

This poem was received in answer to my question about what it means to be one. Note all of the truths taught here that are in harmony with the commandments and scriptures.


Governments and peoples everywhere

Live in harmony, and all are heirs.

All receive as they are due,

Standing upon goodness, mercy and truth.

Seeking after what’s best for their brother,

Leaving out none, no matter the mother.

Unified in faith, having one pure belief,

All being followers of the one true Chief.

Sharing the load with equal aplomb,

Dancing and singing in joy all along.

Fighting no more for it’s a thing of the past,

Living in harmony and sharing the cast.

Working together no matter the tasks,

Each using his gifts to the best of his acts.

Sending forth goodness in thought and in deed,

No longer needing to take in false feeds.

Bringing the best of all one can offer,

Sacrificing love, nothing else, on the altar.

Having no gods to lead them astray,

Choosing instead to be part of the fray.

Sheltered and chosen, all loving each other, 

No longer seeking or trying to smother.

Finding true peace they’ve been seeking at last,

Found only within, and without any masks.

Guarding isn’t needed, for all men are free,

Open you hearts, and come unto Me.

How we can become one with others

I don't know about you, but after reading that poem, I am acutely aware of the huge gap between my current state of actions and being and that required to truly become one with others!

To become one means that we:

  • live in harmony
  • seek for the best for others
  • contribute by working to the best of our ability
  • find joy in the work we do together
  • never fight
  • love everyone
  • have open hearts
  • have thoughts and deeds that are pure

As always, this is a process of transformation. While so much in the world would tell us that we can have all that is good in a short time, that's simply not true. Nothing in nature follows that law.

Trying to accomplish huge things in a short time causes us to feel overwhelmed and like a failure. Give yourself grace and the time required to change and transform.

True success in this process comes day by day and moment by moment. What is something you can do today that will help you have more love for someone? If you have negative thoughts about someone, can you replace them with something nice and good?

Ultimately, it is our hearts that need to change. We close them off and harden them when we are hurt. Eventually, though, we need to learn to have hearts that are open and soft. This is the type of heart that can recognize the Holy Spirit and welcome Christ.

I know that as we choose to seek after Christ, to be humble and to let go of our pride and our hurts, we can truly find joy in our daily lives.

Becoming one does bring that joy without sacrificing our own nature and losing who we are in the process. Instead, our inherent goodness is brought out and amplified. Peace comes as we submit our will to God's and let His truths become ours.

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Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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