Your fears aren’t as scary as you think 

 August 27, 2018

At some point in our lives, we have to decide - keep living as we are, with our fears and insecurities, or choose more happiness, joy and freedom? The tough thing about this decision is that it requires facing our fears, and that itself scares most people and prevents them from living a better life. Don't let this happen to you! Make the choice today to start overcoming your fears.


Life seems to be going ok for you, but one day you realize that there's more that you want. You want to feel better, to have better relationships, perhaps go after a new job or career change, or take that dream vacation.

But you're constantly held back by your fears. And at the same time, you're not really sure you want to go into that darkness within to face those fears. Maybe you'll discover what a horrible person you are!

Watch this video to learn how easy that first step can be to face those fears and start moving forward on a path to more happiness, joy and fulfillment than you ever thought you could experience in life.


The first step to accomplishing anything is to make the decision that you will do it.

Make a sure, committed, firm decision that you will start facing and uncovering your fears. That you're willing to go through this process of personal growth in spite of how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

And, that you have faith that it will be worth it! (Because I can promise you that it IS worth it.)

Figure out what you need for support

To embark on a journey of constantly and consistently facing our fears and deep wounds requires courage and support. What do you need to give your strength along the way? Take some time to figure out what it is, and then make a plan to put those things in place.

Stop letting fear hold you back

  • Decide to move forward and to look at the darkness. As you shine light into the darkness within, you'll see it clearly for what it is, and it becomes less frightening.
  • Commit to doing whatever you need to help you keep going as you heal. What do you need? Prayer, meditation, friends, exercise, painting, energy healing sessions with me? Decide what it is, and do it!

What practices have helped you find the courage to uncover your fears?

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About the author

Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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