Where your anxiety comes from and how to get rid of it 

 August 23, 2018

Anxiety can be such a challenge to deal with, especially when it seems to always be present in your life. What if you could find a way to release that anxiety naturally? It is possible to live a life of peace and relative calmness! In today's video, you'll learn what causes anxiety and where it comes from, why you get stuck in feeling chronically anxious, and best of all, how to start releasing that anxiety.


Anxiety contributes to all sorts of difficulties in daily life. It's why you snap at the kids and always feel like you're behind or running late. Anxiety is why you feel chronically tired and why your stomach never feels that good.

It might also be why you just don't feel very "alive" and excited about life.

The good news is that it IS possible to find healing from anxiety. Give yourself time and be gentle with yourself. Learn some new ways to let the feelings surface and be released, and over time you will feel less and less anxious and more and more at peace.

If you want to skip the part about where the anxiety comes from and what's created it in your body and get right to the 'What do I do about it?' part, go to 10:30 in the video. Be well!

Anxiety & the 'Fight or Flight' response

When we feel threatened, our sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear to prepare us to either physically fight that threat or to run away and escape. When this happens, energy goes to your heart and muscles but away from your digestive system.

You need to use that energy to do something physical and dissipate it. If you don't, that state of excitement stays in your body and eventually you feel anxious all of the time.

Find ways to express, not suppress

It's critical to express the strong emotions you feel when the fight or flight mechanism goes into action. When you do that, your body will use the hormones in the ways it was meant to, and you'll feel calmer afterward.

When you don't, and you suppress the emotions, you feel anxious and amped up for hours or even days afterward.

Eventually, you're in a constant state of feeling anxious, which leads to a host of other troubles in your body.

Understanding and releasing anxiety

  • Anxiety is underlying fear, feeling unsafe, and out of control.
  • Over time, your fight or flight mechanism has been stimulated so many times, that it's constantly "on." This leaves you feeling chronically anxious and tired.
  • Find physical activities you enjoy and do them daily, allowing sensations and feelings to arise and come forth. Do your best to express emotions, instead of suppressing them.

What have you found that is most helpful for healing naturally from anxiety?

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