Are there missionaries in the spirit world? 

 December 1, 2022

What happens to those who die without knowledge of Jesus Christ? Are they forever doomed, or is mercy extended to them in some way?  A loving God would want all to have an opportunity to learn of Christ. That's why there are missionaries in the spirit world. 


Here, I share the story of a spirit named Karen. She shares what her life was like before she died, and how she met missionaries of Jesus Christ in the spirit world, after her death. 

I've written the post from my perspective, as I experienced the interaction with the spirit world, and with Karen. It's like you're sitting and looking over my shoulder in real time.

Preparing to meet with the spirits

It's 5:03am and I sit down at my desk to pray and write. I'm halfway through my prayer and a spirit taps me on my left shoulder. He is very excited, bouncing up and down like a little child who needs to use the bathroom.

I tell him I need to finish praying. I finish my prayer, and sit and see.

Theodore is on my left. Theodore is my writing assistant when spirits come to visit. He's a detail-oriented, punctual, meticulous type of person. Very matter-of-fact and a bit formal. (Based on his dress, he seems to be from the Edwardian period). I've never heard him call me anything but "Ms. Bessire," even though I'm married and have a doctoral degree. 

I see him looking something like this:

I feel appreciation for him and I give him a hug. Given his more reserved nature, the hug surprises him. 

Not all spirits can share their stories

That excited spirit is there, but I'm having a hard time seeing things as strongly or clearly as I normally do. I ask Theodore to help me amplify my sight. He does, and immediately I perceive a long, long line of spirits at my desk. I start to cry, because of the sheer number looking for my assistance.

"Am I supposed to tell all of their stories?" I ask Theodore.

"It's not given to me to know," he says in reply.

"Okay, let's go to work," I say to him.

To myself, and to the other spirits, I say, I am here as a disciple of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, to communicate with those who died not knowing of Him but who have come to know Christ in the spirit world. And to share with mankind what that's like and why it matters.

Paul is the excited spirit. He is Asian, appears old but moves like a young man.

"Okay! I'm ready to hear your story, Paul. Please share it with me."

Paul starts to speak, but I can't hear him. Two large men come and take him away, carrying him by the arms, while he keeps talking.

I get frustrated. I don't understand why he's being taken. I stand up and call them to bring him back.

A woman appears to my right to help me be peaceable. "There are rules here. They must learn to follow them, too." I sense a lot of noise now, instead of the quiet I normally sense.

Finding missionaries in the spirit world

I sit back down and turn my attention back to those in front of me. Karen is back. I invite her to sit down at the chair and she begins to share her story...

Karen begins:

"I grew up in an abusive home and ran away when I was 13. No one helped me. It was a hard time. I didn't know what to do or where to go. I spent many years on the streets, very afraid. I was always dirty and never clean. It was horrible. People looked at my like I didn't even exist.

Finally, when I was about 20, someone reached out and helped me. They gave me a home and taught me how to live. I found my way through life, but it was still the most difficult thing I've done. Being there on earth is so hard for so many.

But anyway, that's not what I want to dwell on today. I'm here with a purpose now. Let's get to that part of my story."

She gives me a smile.

"Once I got here, to this world, I was so lost. I didn't know where I was. I didn't have family to greet me or help me. There's so much commotion here if you don't know where to go. It's kind of like being on a busy street in New York City. It was very overwhelming. 

For a long time, I simply wandered around and observed. I noticed that most people were just like those I encountered while I was on earth. They were dirty and mean and not helpful. It was discouraging. But every now and then, I would notice something, someone, who was different. 

They were white. Instead of being dark and dingy, these spirits were white and bright. I was suspicious at first and hesitant. I thought that they were like the others, just wanting something from you.

I started to kind of spy on them. When I'd see one, I'd watch from a distance and observe. I saw that they were the most gentle people I'd ever seen. In fact, I had never seen anyone so kind! They were kind to everyone. I slowly felt an inkling to talk to one of them."

(I see an image of a white spirit bending down and talking to someone grey who is on the ground. I see Karen approach this one who is talking to the spirit who is on the ground, and she taps him on the shoulder.)

"Yes?" he says, as he turns and smiles.

Karen says, "I can feel his gentleness. It's an older man, poised. Wearing robes, but holding something in his arm, against his body."

"I'm uncomfortable and nervous, but feel myself relax. Whatever it is that's coming from him brings peace and warmth to me. I'm still uncomfortable as I talk to him, but I get up the courage to inquire as to who, and what, exactly, he is.

He tells me that he's just like me, another spirit. But that he spends his days going about doing good, searching for those who are seeking for a better way.

I'm very confused. I don't understand what he's telling me. There's something else possible other than this existence?? I had never considered that something else was possible."

I pause for a minute and bring my attention away from Karen and writing her story. I can tell that Karen is concerned I'm not coming back. I explain that I'm just getting myself out of the way. Sometimes I can feel my own thoughts and beliefs want to come in, so I pause to set them aside so I can hear what she has to say. 

At that moment, she has an awareness. Karen says to me, "You're just like them...you're one of them" (referring to the white spirits).

"Yes, I am," I reply, feeling humbled myself. I hadn't really thought of myself in that way, but see that she is accurate.

She stands up, furious!

"Why didn't you tell me?? If there are those like you on earth, why didn't anyone tell me this news when I was still alive? It would have saved me years of anguish and suffering!" She's so mad.

She sits back down, quiet.

"I'm sorry. It's not your fault. You didn't even live when I lived. It's no ones fault but mine. I have learned that we have to seek for it. We have to seek for Him (see Matt 7:7). That is the law and also the promise. That's what I meant that first time we talked. That IS the promise. And what a glorious promise it is!! That if we but seek, we WILL find. That is so reassuring.

Anyway, I'll get back to my story..."

Karen continues, "I started to talk with this white spirit, and he told me he had a message of joy and goodwill from the Savior. Of course I had no idea who he was talking about, but I was more than happy to hear this message. Especially after a lifetime of darkness and dreariness. Who wouldn't want to receive this joy?"

Missionaries teach the gospel in the spirit world

Karen continues:

"I started meeting with him regularly. Then, it was a whole group that I joined. It was marvelous and incredible to me!

He took me to a place that was filled with spirits like me, all listening to these messages of goodness and joy. There were many like him, too, who would teach us. It was exciting to find others like me now who were learning these truths.

He taught us about this Savior, Jesus. That he was the way to come forth from the darkness into the light, and to eventually be like these other spirits who were white. Oh how I wanted that! I wanted that more than anything!

But as you can see, I am not yet white. I am still waiting. I can't find my family. I can't find someone who will do my work for me yet. So I wait and I wait, still meeting with the others who are in the same situation as I am."

Karen is referring to having her ordinances performed for her (starting with being baptized). That work is necessary for all of God's children to come unto Christ and to be part of His family in the eternities. 

This poem starts and flows to me:


We all have come forth, we wait now in faith
For someone like you to open the gate.
We now know of Christ, the Savior from sin
And wait to be baptized by one of your kin.

To open the way that we can't do alone,
For the law says it must be done in flesh and bone.
We honor that law, and all others, too,
And patiently wait, until our turn is due.

Please keep on seeking, and searching for kin.
On earth and spirit world, we need a way in.
We want to be one with the rest,
Full of light and more glory, akin to the best.

We know the rules, the laws were decreed,
Set forth from beginning, just then a small seed.
These laws have grown, and rule mankind,
All is now fulfilled, be one heart and mind.

Send forth the goodness you receive each day,
Help others like me on earth find their way.

Karen gets up to leave. I see her sadness. She turns to face me once more.

"Thank you. Thank you for hearing me, and for the work you do. I am only sad because I am ready to move on, but wait for my work to be done. I know it will be."

It's 5:50am....we are done for today. Everything fades from view. Theodore says, "Good work, Ms. Bessire" and departs.

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About the author

Jen Bessire, PhD, is a Christian medium, author, and healer. After 23 years as a physical therapist, God called her to her current path in 2014. She delights in helping others come unto Christ, heal generational trauma, and create a life of freedom. God is calling you - are you listening?

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