replace anxiety with peace

How to replace anxiety with peace

Living in the world today, most of us experience anxiety and overwhelm on a daily basis. However, what we want is to feel peace. Yet we are ever busy, going and doing. When we do finally have a few minutes to sit and rest, we choose to watch TV or get on social media. It's time to learn how to replace your anxiety with peace.

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treasure in your heart

What do you treasure in your heart?

​You've likely heard the phrase, "where you treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Matt 6:21). What do you treasure in your heart? Do you treasure material goods, as a way to show off, or do you treasure spiritual good, like peace and calmness? The things we treasure in our heart will also show up in what we do for a living, how we live our lives, and even the physical symptoms we experience.

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god has a purpose for your life

God’s purpose for your life

Have you ever considered that God has a purpose for your life? There comes a time when we must decide between living the life we’ve chosen for ourselves, and living the purpose God has chosen for us. I say “must” because choosing God’s purpose for your life is necessary if you want to live a life of joy.

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how to have faith

How to have faith: a 5 step process

How do you have faith in something you can't see? We live in a world where people want to see. We are so dominated by our physical sight, that if we can’t see something, we don’t believe that it exists. This is not how to have faith.

I encounter this regularly with people who haven’t experienced energy medicine. They think it’s odd or strange or even a complete farce, simply because they cannot see the energy I work with.

However, those who have faith ​can​ see these energies. ​​​

​When you have faith, you can see many things that you ​couldn't otherwise.

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choose your feelings

Take charge of how you feel (and release trapped emotions)

​​Do you realize how much control and power you have over how you feel? I know it might be a difficult thing to realize, but you are the only one who is in charge of how you feel. I'm sharing a story of how to take control of what you're feeling based on an experience in my bathroom this morning. Plus, I'll show you how to identify and release trapped emotions, so you can feel even better!

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Holy Spirit prayer quiet

Become a better energy healer by coming unto Christ

Today’s post is all about helping you to become a better energy healer. One of the most important things that we can do as Christian energy healers is to strengthen our relationship with our Savior. Jesus Christ was and is the master healer. All of our gifts and our strengths and our healing abilities, everything that we have, everything that we are developing, it all comes through Him. He is our source that we want to be turning to and depend upon, as we are providing our healing to those that are coming unto us. We are basically the intermediary. So we want to be tuned in to Jesus Christ. He tells us in the Scriptures, to come unto him and to follow him.

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