Communicating with the wind 

 October 24, 2022

There is a spirit and a message in all things in this world. Not only do deceased ones have messages, but the elements have messages, too. Communicating with the wind one day brought this message.


Often, I like to listen to the messages from nature and the world around me. Everything has a voice and has something to say. All we need to do is learn to listen. 

This gift seems odd to most people. I've met others who have similar gifts, but are scared of them so they've turned them off. Really, it's no different from learning to discern things in the physical world. We go out and explore to learn how things work and what to trust. It's the same with gifts of a more spiritual nature.

Over the years, I've gotten more and more comfortable with this gift. While our five senses are useful, they're also limiting. Our eyes and ears can only receive a limited frequency of light and sound. And vision is easy to fool. But learning to listen to the spirit, to hear from your heart, opens up a whole new world to explore!

It was March 2021, and it was extremely windy. There were winds of 25-30 mph all day long. Not just here, in Iowa, but across the west and even up into Canada. I decided to go talk to the wind to see what its story was.

I wanted to have an experience of communicating with the wind. What message did it have? What would it tell me if I simply chose to hear it?

While this experience of communicating with the wind is mine, I am sharing it here as a story...I like to convey these experiences in this way. I find it more fun to write and share in story form like this. I hope you enjoy it as well.

This experience communicating with the wind is the same way I communicate with ancestors. If you'd like to hear from one of yours, go here to book a medium session.

Communicating with the wind

She stood outside on the grass facing the wind, eyes closed and hands at her side.

The wind was very active today, all day...moving along at 25-30 mph. Surely it had a message to convey.

She started to pray and asked to talk to the wind, to hear its story. 

On her left, a dark spirit showed up. “You’re not worthy of this.”

She dismissed him. “Of course I am. I am a child of God.” She said another short prayer, and waited.

At first, nothing. Then, finally, a spirit was standing in front of her. Human in form, completely white, mostly transparent, small...it seemed to be a young boy. He came up to her stomach in height.

He was curious. You’re talking to us? Can you see us? Hear us? He was surprised by all of this. “Yes,” she told him. “I can see you and talk with you.” He was excited. “Are you the only one?” “No,” she chuckled. “Others can as well, although there aren't a lot of us.”

Others of his kind came to join him as they talked. They were all curious and excited. All were male. She found herself facing a fairly large crowd of these small spirits. As they chattered, she simply stood and noticed, enjoying this communication with the wind.

Then, a man came walking through them and up to her. Taller than she was, imposing, even. He was dressed like a king, with a crown and a staff, wearing a long brown robe. He wasn’t menacing, but wasn’t kind, either.

She sensed three warriors of her own come up behind her.

Again, she simply watched and observed, noticing. There was nothing that needed to be said.

The king paused to assess her, to see if she was worthy of this interaction. She stood her ground, quietly facing him. Waiting.

He silently nodded, then turned and walked away. She had met his approval.

She heard the message as the wind children danced and played.

"We convey a message of joy and love! There is a God, and he loves you. We are dancing and playing. Have joy! Allow the goodness to flow and to come." What a beautiful communication with the wind!

It was beautiful and peaceful and one she hadn’t expected. She liked the idea of the wind dancing and playing as it moved. It gave her a new perspective on wind. Normally she didn’t like it...and it seemed that where she lived, it was always windy in the spring. But now she thought of the wind as a form of play, and it brought a smile.

She stood in the wind for a bit longer, smiling, and enjoying it.

Image credit: Oleksander Pidvalnyi on Pexels

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