Your Heart Wall is holding you back 

 May 12, 2020

A Heart Wall is a wall of trapped emotions that surrounds the heart. We all have one, and some people have many. The Heart Wall makes it difficult to feel love, and keeps us feeling distant from others. Learn why you have one, and how to get rid of it!


Every single one of my clients has had at least one Heart Wall. This is a term that comes from The Emotion Code and its creator, Dr. Bradley Nelson.

When we have experiences that hurt emotionally, we try to distance ourselves form that pain. When we do that repeatedly, we put up walls around our heart. This sounds good, because we feel less of that pain we don't like.

However, Heart Walls don't just keep out pain. They also keep us from feeling love, joy, happiness, and connection.

What is a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall is a wall made of trapped emotions that surrounds the heart. This wall is created to protect you from being hurt.

When you were born, you came into this world innocent and full of love. However, as you grew, you learned that many things cause pain. Since we naturally don’t like to feel pain, and we don’t know how to handle the pain, we block it off. This block is the wall we create.

A Heart Wall is an emotional block that separates us from others.

When you have an experience with someone and that experience hurts, the emotion you feel at that time can become part of this wall.

Creating this wall seems like a good solution, because you no longer feel the pain. However, the wall actually causes many problems for you.

heart wall is made of trapped emotions

What is a Heart Wall made of?

A Heart Wall is made of trapped emotions. When you experience a strong emotional response to a situation, there are generally two ways you can deal with the feeling that comes up.

First, you can simply experience the emotion, allowing yourself to “ride the wave” of what you’re feeling. When you do this, you let the emotion pass through you. It’s kind of like feeling a strong wind. You feel the wind, but don’t hold on to it.

The second and much more common response is to experience the emotion, but then hold on to it. The emotion feels really strong, and can create fear or similar feelings. When that happens, you might also start to create a story to go along with the emotion. Instead of the emotion flowing through you, you keep it, and it gets stuck.

Learn how to feel your emotions without holding on to them and stuffing them inside.

Since most of us (ok, almost no one!) aren’t taught as a child how to deal with emotions, we generally hold on to them.

Think of your childhood. Was it ok to express your feelings, or were you taught that certain feelings weren’t allowed?

As an adult, you can start the life-long process of learning how to let go…and you can get help letting go of things, too. This way, you won’t keep trapping more of these emotions.

What are symptoms of a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall creates separation. It’s kind of like putting up a solid fence between your yard and your neighbor’s yard. You can’t see through it, and you’re now cut off in many ways from your neighbor.

A Heart Wall creates separation just like this solid fence. These trapped emotions are “negative” emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, and disgust.

Remember, the heart wants to give and receive love. When these other emotions surround the heart, it can’t give and receive love.

With a Heart Wall, it's difficult to give and receive love.

The heart is now blocked from having a deep, loving connection with God, with yourself, and with anyone else! Instead of attracting and experiencing love, you experience relationships based on whatever “negative” emotions are in the heart wall.

A Heart Wall can create physical symptoms, too. Here is a list of some symptoms you might notice from your Heart Wall:

  • feeling disconnected from God
  • feeling disconnected from loved one
  • difficulty giving and receiving love
  • feeling the need to defend yourself
  • pain or discomfort in your chest or middle of the back
  • pain or discomfort in the neck or arms
  • difficulty taking a deep breath
  • feeling cold, distant, or aloof

These are just some of the symptoms you might notice from your Heart Wall.

a heart wall creates separation

How to know if you have a Heart Wall

If you’re alive, you have a Heart Wall! It’s impossible to get through life without creating at least one. You may or may not be aware of any symptoms of your Heart Wall until it’s gone.

The more trauma you experience, the bigger the Heart Wall will be. If you grew up in an abusive environment, or in poverty, or in a home that wasn’t supportive and loving, it’s very likely that you formed a Heart Wall early in your life.

How many Heart Walls can I have?

It’s commonly believed that you can have only one Heart Wall. However, from working with my clients, I’ve learned that it is possible to have many. Some people have only one or two, and some have over ten.

When there are multiple Heart Walls, the first one that’s released is always the biggest and heaviest. As we keep releasing more, the Heart Walls become smaller and lighter.

Every Heart Wall is unique, and is made of different materials.

Each Heart Wall is made of one or more substances, and has a thickness and a degree of heaviness to it.

I’ve seen Heart Walls made of metals, fabric, wood, stone, water, clouds, and even Lucky Charms! Some are solid and thick, and some are light and airy. Some Heart Walls are miles thick, while some are under an inch.

How do I get rid of my Heart Wall?

Getting rid of a Heart Wall is a very simple process. Here are the steps I use with my clients.

After praying, I muscle test to see if they have a Heart Wall, and if it’s time to release it.

Once we know we can release it, we identify what it’s made of, and how thick it is. Most of the time, an image or idea will come to my client’s mind. I will see it, too.

To release a Heart Wall, we identify each emotion and then let it go.

The next step is to identify each emotion that is in this Heart Wall. They need to be identified one by one, since each emotion is from a separate experience. We can even figure out how old you were when this Heart Wall was formed.

Once we've identified the emotion, we release it.

Most Heart Walls can be released in just one session. In fact, I also do this as a group healing session, and that works wonderfully!

no heart wall brings happiness in relationships

I muscle tested that I don't have a Heart Wall. Could I still have one?

If you're familiar with muscle testing, you can ask if you have a Heart Wall.

It's possible that you do have one, even if you get a "no" with the muscle testing.

There are a few reasons you might get that you don’t have a Heart Wall when you actually do.

First, your spirit won’t let you get rid of that wall unless it’s safe to do so.

Some Heart Walls are there to protect you and can't be released right away.

Let’s say you grew up being abused. You’ve created a Heart Wall to protect yourself. Now you’re on your own, but you’re still in an abusive relationship. You won’t be able to clear that Heart Wall until you leave the relationship. The Heart Wall is there to provide protection, and that’s what it’s still doing for you.

Second, sometimes a Heart Wall is hidden. We’re not always fully honest with ourselves! Try asking if you have a “Hidden Heart Wall.” If you’re ready to release it, you’ll get a yes.

Also, even after releasing all of your Heart Walls, it’s possible you could recreate one at a later time.

We’re not perfect in dealing with all of the things we feel on a daily basis, and you might experience situations that still cause you a lot of pain. So it’s wise to check from time to time to see if you have a new one that’s formed.

I'm ready to get rid of my Heart Wall. What do I do next?

Excellent! Here are your options to get rid of that Heart Wall.

1) Release it on your own

If you're familiar with muscle testing and The Emotion Code, you can learn to release it on your own. Or, you can learn how to do so by reading The Emotion Code book. In this book, Dr. Brad explains the process of learning to identify and release trapped emotions.

2) Get some help

If you're not quite comfortable doing it yourself, or you'd just like some guidance, contact me and we'll work together. During our session, I'll also give you things to practice so you can learn to muscle test for yourself.


Once your Heart Wall is gone, you'll definitely feel better. Everyone has a different experience, but there is still one thing I've heard from all of my clients - each person feels lighter and happier after releasing a Heart Wall.

Those trapped emotions weigh you down. It's not usually something you'll notice, since you've been carrying them around for a long time. But once they're gone, you'll feel the difference!

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