Christ brings light 

 April 7, 2023

Do you ever feel lost, like you're wandering and not sure which way to go? There is much in this world that seems to be light and truth, but there is only one True Light, one True Source. That Light is Jesus Christ.


Christ is the true light

Christ calls to us all, speaking to the light that we are all born with in our hearts. As we heed that call, we gain more light and more truth. If we ignore that call, we find only more darkness and confusion, sadness and pain.

"In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind." (John 1:4, NIV)

Christ is always calling to us, waiting for us to make the choice to turn to him. He is always there, ever patient, wanting to guide, help and bless us in so many ways!

"I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness." (John 12:46,KJV)

I received both of these poems at a time when I was feeling lost, and frustrated with what I was seeking. It felt like I was looking and searching for light and goodness, but wasn't finding it. If you're in a similar place right now, keep seeking and searching. Christ promises over and over again that if we ask in faith, we will find.

Where am I?

Down the spiral I go,

Lost to the worlds below.

Exploring in darkness,

Searching for light.

Am I doomed to remain here?

Or will someday I win the fight?

Surrender, they say.

To what? So I pray.

And peace envelops my being.

It brings me again

Up to the surface

And into the blinding light.

Ack! I can’t see!

How can this be?

I desire no more to be blind.

The darkness below,

While comfortable and known,

Is not my heart’s true delight.

So walking I go,

Seeking and searching

For that hand that brings the peace.

Up on the surface,

One step at a time,

As my eyes adjust to their sight.

Seeking the light

I help others to see,

But who sees for me?

That which my eyes do not know.

Child, use your heart

To see far into what seems dark,

Yet is full of sparkle and shine.

Love has a glow,

And joy glitters and shimmers,

And laughter adds colors galore.

As above, so below

Stop looking, let go

And allow My glory to shine.

The light from above

Fills your heart with my love.

Come unto me, and see.

I know that as we seek the light and seek after Christ, he will guide us. I have seen this influence in my own life. One blessing that has come over time is an improvement in my family relationships. As I have become more like Christ, I am closer to my family and have more love and compassion for them. It's easier for me to accept them as they are and to also be humble myself because of my own shortcomings.

I know that Christ wants to show you more and more of this Light, his love, and his grace. May you choose to seek him today.

(You can find a page with all of the poems here. If you're curious as to how I receive them, that story can be found on this page. )

Image from NoName_13 from Pixabay.

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